The choice of registry is important when considering under which flag to register a vessel. The state chosen determines how a vessel will be treated in the countries and ports it visits. A flag state must enforce convention standards on the vessels it maintains within its register so when choosing a state in which to register a vessel, consideration should be given to the following:

The reputation
Jurisdiction stability (in terms of its local Government)
What professional support services exist; and the cost.
Ease of registration and customer services
Gross tonnage
What security is required by those providing a mortgage

We are ideally located to provide multi-jurisdictional registration according to each of our client’s individual requirements and ensure the process of registering their vessel is as efficient and as smooth as possible.

Approved by the Isle of Man Ship Registry as a “Representative Person”, we can act for owners and operators of a wide range of vessels. Furthermore, we can assist with the necessary ongoing administration in respect of the regulatory, technical and administrative upkeep of such vessels as well as the ownership entities, across a number of jurisdictions.

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