Owning and operating any type of vessel can be complex and requires attention to a number of considerations.

With a comprehensive understanding of the yachting industry, our dedicated yacht division can assist owners and their representatives in understanding the diverse requirements associated with the ownership, registration and management of a range of vessels, including but not limited to motor yachts and sailing yachts.

With the legislative and regulatory requirements of the industry continually changing, we understand that staying abreast of any new developments is of utmost importance to ensure that any vessels under our management remain compliant.

We give consideration to how and where a vessel will be used, in order to ascertain any tax or VAT exposures, whether the asset is intended to generate income and subsequently whether tailored tax planning could offer any fiscal benefits and /or minimise any liabilities.

Our yachting team is highly experienced in every aspect of yacht ownership, registration and management, resulting in a service which is comprehensive and attuned to our clients’ diverse needs.

Approved by the Isle of Man Ship Registry as a “Representative Person”, we can act for owners and operators of a wide range of vessels. Furthermore, we can assist with the necessary ongoing administration in respect of the regulatory, technical and administrative upkeep of such vessels as well as the ownership entities, across a number of jurisdictions.

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