Trusts and Foundations are used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for the purpose of succession and estate planning, to protect your assets, to manage forced heirship rules, to preserve family wealth, to navigate tax and regulatory issues or to plan for the future of your family or businesses – identifying the most appropriate structure is crucial to ensure that it sufficiently protects what you care about and that such assets are retained in the way that you desire.

Sentient International has the knowledge and experience required to deliver the solution that is best suited to your needs and offer a comprehensive range of fiduciary services which can include acting as Trustees.

A Trustee holds a position of significant trust and are expected to perform their duties to the highest ethical standards and with complete integrity.

Our professional trustees understand the importance of our clients’ wishes. As such, we consider it integral to develop a relationship with each client and to work closely with their advisors, so as to ensure that any structure we establish, properly reflects a client’s intentions and meets their objectives.

We are committed to delivering value to our clients. Our independence as a service provider means that we are able to offer our clients flexibility as well as quick decision making – this, together with our knowledge and experience, has gained us our reputation for delivering effective solutions that are managed with the highest level of integrity, whilst ensuring all decisions made remain in the best interest of the client and their beneficiaries.


Trust establishment and administration

Provision of professional corporate trustees

Foundation formation

Statutory services

Provision of officers

Liaison with advocates in the drafting of the deed

Bookkeeping and accounting, including the preparation of annual/periodic financial statements

Co-ordination of legal, tax and VAT advisory services

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