Owning and operating an aircraft is complex and consequently requires significant attention to a number of considerations.

With the legislative and regulatory arena surrounding the aviation industry continually evolving, it has never been more important to stay abreast of changes and new developments to ensure that any aircraft being managed is done so effectively whilst remaining compliant. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the industry, our aviation team holds vast experience in structuring the ownership of a range of aircraft including business jets and helicopters.

As such, our team are well placed to assist owners and their representatives in understanding the diverse requirements associated with not just ownership, but the registration and operation of private and commercial aircraft.

We will look at how and where the aircraft is to be used to ascertain whether there are any tax or VAT exposures that need to be considered and to evaluate whether there are any fiscal benefits or the opportunity to reduce any liabilities through tailored tax planning.

We understand that implementation is key to the success of any effective ownership structure and in this regard we work closely with the professionals providing the advice to ensure that we provide a service which is comprehensive and attuned to our clients’ diverse needs.


Establishment and administration of bespoke aircraft ownership structures

Statutory services

Provision of officers and registered office/agent

Acquisition and sale of aircraft

International aircraft registration & administration

VAT registration, administration and compliance

Tax compliance

Bookkeeping and accounting

Corporate bank accounts and online e-Banking

AOC Consultancy

Project management

Co-ordination of legal, tax and VAT advisory services

Facilitation of finance and insurance

Crew Employment & Payroll
(including Healthcare Benefits & Retirement Planning for Aviation crew)

Air Charter Services
(Private Air Charter, Group Air Charter and Helicopter Charter)

Facilitation of finance and insurance

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