Trusts have been in existence for centuries and their uses have evolved over time.

However, even if a particular trust usage may be well known, prospective settlors sometimes still have concerns at transferring the legal ownership of assets to third party trustees.

In this regard it is important to choose the right jurisdiction and professional firm to act on behalf of the settlor and beneficiaries when considering the establishment of such a structure or the reorganisation of an existing situation.

The jurisdiction must have a good solid reputation supported by robust legislation. The effect of good legislation means that a high level of security is offered together with confidentiality and clarity in terms of the tax position.

A trust can be used in a number of ways and established for a number of reasons:

Asset protection
Enhanced confidentiality
Tax planning
Wealth preservation
Estate and succession planning
Protection of interests (i.e. children)
Avoidance of forced heirship

We can establish trusts in a number of key global jurisdictions and our in-depth knowledge and practical experience means that we are highly proficient in delivering effective solutions for our clients. We offer comprehensive services and will work with professional legal advisers to draft the right trust deed to meet your objectives. We can also provide Trustee Services and carry out the day-to-day management and administration of the Trust.

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