Striving to find and maintain a good work-life balance can prove difficult for many of us and for a variety of reasons.

Whether its because of family commitments and responsibilities, a highly demanding job, or just simply not prioritising tasks properly – many of us can be left feeling completely overwhelmed and overloaded.

We spoke to Hannah Kerruish in our Client Services team on why she thinks having a good work-life balance is so important and what she does to try and maintain one.

When I think about work-life balance, metaphorically there isn’t a one size fits all. From a broader perspective, it is about splitting your time and making choices in a way that benefits you both physically and mentally.

Some people find it difficult to switch off at times – I am guilty of this myself – yet it is so important to find that happy medium in order to avoid burnout!

“Balance is key, without balance there’s conflict, a battle between positivity and negativity.”

Brian Benjamin Sotomayor

What and how much we need in order to get that ‘essential’ balance, undeniably differs from one individual to the next. When my career took a strategic shift from the air to the ground, I was forced to re-evaluate my balance point, particularly when going from my previous role, which was more physically demanding and required a lot of rest.

Personally, making simple changes in my life, such as limiting my screen time and making more time for my family and friends, proved vital in me reaching the right work-life balance and has consequently influenced my long-term happiness.

I also try to undertake activities in my spare time that help me mentally and physically unwind. As an adventurous person who loves a good challenge, activities like Gorge Walking are right up my street! Gorge walking involves navigating and climbing through rocky terrains, waterfalls, chutes and pools formed from mountain streams; living in the Isle of Man with its 18 National Glens, I am definitely not short of places to explore.

For me personally, being in a body of water creates a relaxing effect on the body and has a therapeutic effect on our mental health. Furthermore, being in a natural environment can make you feel more connected with yourself in that moment and provide a sense of balance, relaxation and much needed re-charge.

I also find being creative is beneficial in a number of ways; from stress-relief to self-expression and even personal growth. Whenever I get the chance to pick up my brushes and easel to go and sit somewhere and paint, I am off! Creativity provides a colourful outlet to express your thoughts and feelings and is a well-known stress reliever as it allows you to immerse yourself into your own little world for hours. Engaging in creative activities enables you to learn more about yourself and with learning comes growth. There are no limits to creativity, which is why I love it so much!

“Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through awareness we can grow.”

Koi Fresco

In today’s fast-paced world, it has never been more important to prioritise your time and to find the right balance between your personal life and professional one.

Whether it’s because of family commitments, a highly demanding job, or just simply not prioritising tasks properly – you can easily be left completely overwhelmed and overloaded. For this reason, many of us can find it challenging knowing where work should stop for the fun to begin. The natural desire to be professionally successful can also often take precedence over everything else including, at times, our health and well-being.

With many people feeling stressed and not “balanced”, it’s never been more important for us to take a look at how we conceptualise work-life balance. If we strive to avoid burnout and dream of long-term happiness, learning how to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance is an essential objective. 

Whether in wellies or bare feet (weather permitting),there is something so relaxing aboutwalking on a beachand feeling your feet slightly sink in the sand as you walk. Then there is the landscapes, sunsetsand the sound of the sea lapping up against the shore, all of which bring a sense of calmand give my brain a much-needed restfrom overstimulation. Whilst having a little exerciseis goodphysically, a dose of fresh air is good emotionallyand can assist with getting a good night’s sleep (we all love one of those!), subsequently reducing our stress levels and improving our overall health.So, whatisthe key to finding the right balance? For me personally, I think that finding the right balance is something that comes withtime. It is a continuousand consistently changing learning curve, which involves establishing boundaries, setting limitsandmanaging your time efficiently. Moreimportantly,it is understandingthat your perfect balance is the one that youcreate.

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