A Jewel in the Middle of the Irish Sea

The Statistics:

Location – An Island in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland.
Size – 52km long by 22km wide with a land mass of 572kmĀ²
Population – Circa 84,200 (as at 2017)
Language – English & Manx Gaelic
Currency – Pound Sterling

Why Use the Isle of Man?

An internationally endorsed regulatory system
Politically stable
Self governing Crown Dependency
A low tax regime
No capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no wealth tax
Range of financial assistance available to businesses
Accessible & responsive Government
A European time zone
Strong IT & Telecommunications infrastructure
Frequent & reliable travel by air & sea
Highly skilled workforce
High standards of healthcare & education
Low unemployment

Telephone: +44 1624 616544
Email: iom@sentientinternational.com
Registered Office:

Suite 3, 1st Floor, The Jet Centre,
Isle of Man Airport, Isle of Man IM9 2RJ

Registered in the Isle of Man, No. 026131C
Directors: P. Murtagh, J. Byrne, P. Hassall, S. Mellor, D. Solly

Licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

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