Well it’s nearly that time of year again! Monaco Yacht Show 2019 is just a couple of days away.

Personally, I can’t wait! It’s the perfect place to catch up with old colleagues and friends, ideal for making new contacts and not to mention, presents a great opportunity to get up close to the yachts, toys and tenders that we assist our clients with all-year round.

Let’s face it… who doesn’t get that excited, nervous, stomach-flipping moment when walking up the gangway to board one of those fabulous superyachts.
But what else should you know when visiting Port Hercule for the first time.

It’s not just yachts?

With more than 125 superyachts on display there is a plethora of options for everyone to choose from – something to suit every taste, style and budget. Whether you are interested in the latest all-electric yachts such as those developed and produced by X Shore Crafts (www.xshore.com) or fascinated by the largest yachts on display, such as the 111m TIS from the trusted shipyard of Lurssen (www.lurssen.com); there will be a lots of walking and talking taking place.

However, in addition to the fabulous line up of superyachts on display, there is also an increasing number of private jet and helicopter manufacturers and operators at the show. Offering products and support services to supplement the discerning yacht owner’s requirement to get from home or office to the yacht in the shortest time, maximising their time for enjoyment.

Exhibitors include, Dassault Aviation who will be promoting Falcon Jets, with a versatile, high-performance range of jets that satisfy the broadest spectrum of business flying needs, from small-airport operations to long international flights. DC Aviation (Malta), will be hanging out at the Yacht Club throughout the show, providing air charter and aircraft management and leasing solutions.

And I also must mention the car deck which is hosting Gentleman Car, the exclusive dealer for Shelby in Europe (and one of my most favourite cars of all time). They will display the Cobra 289 FIA, Cobra 427 and CS GT40 MKI.

Surviving the Show

This will be my 5th Monaco Yacht Show. Over the years I have gathered a list of do’s and don’ts (some more obvious than others) but for those who are about to experience their first MYS, here are my top 3 tips (in reverse order):

  1. Monaco is full of hills and slopes, some of which can be painful to climb, particularly when you are on your feet all day…believe me! Make use of the public lifts and escalators which are hidden away. They are there I promise, you just have to find them (and then remember where they were later). But just in case you can’t, here is a map to help!
  2. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must! For ladies that don’t feel suitably dressed without heels, take flats in your handbag and change. If you are nipping on and off the yachts and using the connecting launch service, make sure you can easily slip your shoes on and off. There is nothing worse than trying to wobble on one leg to undo/do up any buckles or awkward zips.
  3. And the most important tip for surviving the show……Know where the nearest bar/restaurant is! Here is a list of the top venues to visit:

• Buddha Bar
• La Rascasse
• Stars’n’Bars
• Gerhards Café
• Brasserie De Monaco
• Sass Café
• Nikki Beach
• Le Note Bleu
• McCarthy’s
• Jack Monaco

Finally, enjoy the show and of course don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat anytime.

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