What is in a name? In the case of Sentient, it is a looking glass into our core principles of honesty, integrity and an innate ability to be aware, responsive and sensitive to the specific needs of our valued clients.

At Sentient International, we have extensive knowledge and experience of assisting clients from across the globe in establishing suitable corporate structures for a variety of purposes.

Whether for the purpose of succession and estate planning, to protect your assets, to manage forced heirship rules, to preserve family wealth, to navigate tax and regulatory issues or to plan for the future of your family or businesses – identifying the most appropriate structure is crucial to ensure that it sufficiently protects what you care about and that your assets are retained in the way desired.

We believe in simplifying this process for our clients, offering information and guidance on a diverse range of structures before assisting them with the development and establishment of a bespoke solution that is fit for purpose, meets their objectives and yields success.

Bespoke is an often over-used word but in the case of our business it truly reflects our ability to tailor services to the very specific requirements of our individual clients.

Having been in the industry for over 35 years, we know the importance of ensuring that we have a full understanding of the commercial rationale behind every client’s requirements before proceeding with the establishment of any type of structure.

Corporate entities have long played an important role in effective financial planning, which is why the more traditional corporate and trust structures often used for effective succession and estate planning, are a key ingredient to our service proposition.

However, choosing the most suitable entity type in the most appropriate jurisdiction can be a complex process and getting it wrong can significantly affect the success of a structure, immediately and/or in the future.

In addition to the more traditional corporate and trust structures, we boast experience that embraces knowledge across a number of niche industry sectors, including Aviation, Property and Yachting; encompassing a variety of holding structures for high-value luxury assets such as yachts, aircraft, cars, fine art, antiques, and even bloodstock.

Furthermore, our seasoned team of professionals have developed invaluable working relationships, both locally and internationally, with intermediaries and professional advisors alike, ensuring they are at the forefront of any new developments or changes.

As a truly boutique CSP/ TSP service provider, we meet the needs of our clients – both ultra-high net worth individuals and corporates, and routinely exceed their demanding expectations. We are committed to delivering value to our clients and our independence as a service provider means that we are able to offer flexibility as well as quick decision-making. This, together with our knowledge and experience, has gained us our reputation for delivering effective solutions that are managed with the highest level of integrity – ensuring all decisions made remain in the best interest of our clients and their beneficiaries at all times.

Our brand celebrates our business’ expanded capabilities and provides a clear pointer to its direction of travel in the future. It emphasises our ability to be conscious, aware, responsive, reactive and of course, capable of feeling – something we passionately believe to be true – and of significant importance when providing services to our valued clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of services across our office locations in the Isle of Man, Malta and Hong Kong. For more information on our full suite of services, or to discuss any requirements you might have in more detail, please contact info@sentientinternational.com or telephone +44 1624 616544.

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