Are you looking to make the Transatlantic move to Mediterranean soil? Unsure where to relocate your business? How about Malta?

Renowned for being an international business hub, Malta is a highly attractive jurisdiction for foreign investors, such as those from the United States, who are thinking about relocating or setting up their business overseas.

Ideally located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta provides a strategic location for those looking to do business within Europe, and is also home to a robust legal and regulatory infrastructure that encourages development and growth, offering an array of benefits to business owners.

Benefits to Living in Malta

Malta is an expat’s dream. With great all year round weather, a first class quality of life, the Island has so much to offer those that are looking to relocate, including:

• English speaking
• Member of the EU
• Politically stable
• Multicultural
• Good travel connections – daily flights to all major cities in the USA, North Africa and Europe
• Favourable taxation regime
• Excellent national and private healthcare
• Stable property market – steady capital growth
• Excellent education facilities – above UK standards in English speaking schools and University
• Lower cost of living than the USA
• Relatively crime free – safe place to live
• An abundance of social life for all age groups
• A range of top quality restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisine
• Sporting facilities, world class diving, sailing and other water sports
• …and more.

Market Opportunities

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, Malta boasts plenty of opportunities in a diverse range of industries. Some of its largest industries include Gaming, Insurance, Banking, Software Development, Maritime, Aviation and Pharmaceuticals.

Although Gaming appears to be at the forefront of its most successful sectors, Malta’s commitment towards building and supporting the crypto ecosystem has also received praise.

With unparalleled information and communications technology, it is a great location for iGaming, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO business, off of which have experienced exponential success and growth on the Island in recent years and subsequently attracted many more individuals and businesses in these sectors to move to the Island.

Furthermore, Malta offers a comprehensive range of support and backing for individuals and businesses in these sectors, including attractive tax benefits, advantages and a favourable legislative framework that is among the most advanced in the world.

Malta’s position as an EU member state together with its thriving financial services industry, offers a compelling proposition for international financial services organisations that may be planning to set up or relocate their operations into Europe.

There is also a range of technical, corporate and financial assistance available through a range of programmes that target start-ups, young businesses and SMEs.

Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Together with 40 other countries in Europe, Malta forms part of the Visa Waiver Program, which enables U.S. Citizens to travel to and stay in Malta without a visa for up to 90 days (during any 180-day period) for business or tourism purposes.

This provides the perfect opportunity for prospective expats to explore the Island, look at potential property in Malta and ‘test the waters’ before making any decision to permanently up sticks and move.

For those looking to immigrate to Malta as a representative of a company or an investor, they should apply for a visa for business purposes. In the first instance, an employer certificate will be required to certify said reasons for the visit.

In the case of relocation for medical reasons such as treatments, an individual would require a visa for medical purposes, for which a medical report will be necessary.

For those wanting to study in Malta, a certificate of enrolment from the university that accepted them will be required as supporting evidence.

It is worth nothing that in addition to any of the required visas, individuals must prove accommodation in Malta and a clean criminal record.

If planning to work in Malta, a work visa would be required. To stay more than 90 days, an individual is required to apply for a temporary residency permit.

To apply for permanent residence an individual must live in Malta for at least 5 years.

Alternatively, an individual can receive indefinite residence in Malta though one of Malta’s citizenship programmes that can provide a shortcut to Malta citizenship, bringing with it all the benefits of being a citizen of an EU member country.

Malta Global Residence Programmes

The Malta Global Residence Programme (‘Malta GRP’) was designed to attract non-EU and non-EEA nationals seeking alternative residency in the Mediterranean.

Investors are not obliged to live in Malta however; they cannot spend more than 183 days per year in another country.

In order to be eligible for the Malta GRP, you must meet the following criteria:

• Purchase/lease residential property in Malta
• Hold a valid travel document
• Be economically self-sufficient
• Have EU health insurance including cover for any accompanying family
• Have a minimum annual tax (combined) of 15,000 Euros

For more information on the programme click here.

Moving your Business to Malta

As an owner of a company in the USA, Malta is a great place to move your business if looking for a more tax effective jurisdiction. It fully supports the transfer-in of foreign companies, also known as redomiciliation, as long as the current jurisdiction allows for the same.

In order for a foreign company to migrate its business to Malta, there is a specific process to be follow and a list of documents for submission to the Maltese Registrar of Companies.

In the case of relocation of a company from the USA to Malta, the company must first be de-registered and any contracts concluded with suppliers before registering it in Malta.

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