Sentient International Limited is pleased to announce that it has signed the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man pledge, signifying the business’ agreement to help and support Biosphere Isle of Man’s six principles:

  • To protect the Island’s natural resources;
  • To help develop the Island’s economy in a sustainable way;
  • To support and promote the Island’s cultural heritage;
  • To make an environmental impact positive wherever possible;
  • To engage with the local community; and
  • To promote the outstanding living landscape and seascape of the Island, through active involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

Paul Murtagh, Group Managing Director at Sentient International, said:

“We are proud to be a partner of Biosphere Isle of Man and excited to play our part going forward.

“Signing the Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge demonstrates our commitment as a business to help promote awareness, encourage preservation, and implement initiatives that will help drive us towards a more sustainable future.

“Whether it be reducing energy, actively recycling, or finding innovative solutions to protect the future sustainability of our environment, we all have a responsibility when it comes to protecting the world and our beautiful island.”

Among the Isle of Man’s many special attributes is that it is the only ‘entire nation’ UNESCO Biosphere in the world.

In order to become a Biosphere, a location must have two key features: people and a special environment. The three central platforms of the Biosphere programme, globally, are 1. Sustainable development, 2. Conservation and 3. Education.

The programme encourages Biospheres to work towards the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals, a blueprint for a better future for people and the planet.

Biosphere Isle of Man collaborates with all key sectors within the Isle of Man on projects and initiatives that connect and educate people encouraging sustainability.

Jo Overty, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Project Officer, said:

“Our Biosphere status encourages us to learn about and cherish what we have in the Isle of Man and safeguard it for the future by making good decisions, as individuals, as organisations and as an Island.

“It encourages us all to think about the way we live our lives and the impact that has on sustainability and tells potential new residents and visitors that we are a special place for people and nature, and are committed to remaining so.

“We invite organisations to be partners of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and have partners in five categories: Government, business, environment/culture, education and community. As of August 2021, we have 290 partners. We are delighted to have Sentient International Limited as one of them.”

Whether you are a business, charity, community group, local authority or school, you can apply to be a Partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and take the Biosphere Pledge. Individuals can also sign up as Biosphere Buddies.

Find out how you can get more involved here. (

Sentient International UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner
Sentient International Limited becomes proud partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

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