Have you heard about Isle of Man Maritime?

At Sentient International, we are proud to have been a member since its inception.

We spoke with their General Manager, Lee Clarke about the maritime cluster, their goals and current projects, and how others can get involved.

Tell us more about Isle of Man Maritime – your history, who are you and what you do?

Isle of Man Maritime Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed to develop, support and promote the Isle of Man’s growing maritime sector. Its key objectives are:

  • to provide a forum for its members to discuss ideas, opportunities and issues related to the Isle of Man maritime sector;
  • to provide a unified industry perspective and feedback to the Isle of Man Government on proposed legislative changes and Government initiatives affecting the Isle of Man’s maritime sector;
  • to protect and promote globally the interests of the Isle of Man maritime sector; and
  • to maintain a continuing dialogue and work closely with the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

As a cluster organisation, how many members do you currently have and how would you describe your membership?

Our membership comprises 50+ companies and individuals that offer a range of products and services but with one thing in common – an active interest in the Isle of Man and the maritime sector.

One of the key reasons behind establishing Isle of Man Maritime was the perception that businesses in the sector often work in isolation. Membership of our organisation seeks to address this challenge and looks to act on behalf of the Island’s maritime sector with a vision to develop an excellent cluster of maritime businesses, creating an effective eco-system for collaboration and engagement.

Can anyone become a member of Isle of Man Maritime?

At least two current members must sponsor every applicant for membership and membership approval is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

To become a member of Isle of Man Maritime, an applicant must fall into one of the following categories:

Full Member

  1. An Isle of Man incorporated body having its principal place of business in the Isle of Man, whose main activity is maritime related; or
  2. A Company or Partnership having its principal place of business in the Isle of Man, which has a business interest in the Isle of Man’s maritime Sector.

Overseas Member
A Company or Partnership whose main activity is maritime related but whose principal place of business is not in the Isle of Man but has a business interest in the Isle of Man’s maritime sector.

Individual Member
An individual in, or outside of, the Isle of Man that has a business interest in the Isle of Man’s maritime sector.

Not-for-profit/Charitable Member
A not-for-profit organisation that has an interest in the Isle of Man’s maritime sector.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

We are always looking at new ways in which we can further develop, support, and promote our growing maritime sector and of course, our members, but some of the core benefits include:

  • Opportunity to attend Isle of Man Superyacht Forum meetings
  • Opportunity to present at networking events
  • Opportunity to attend our annual showcase event
  • Opportunity to meet VIP guests, industry leaders and stakeholders
  • Opportunity to exhibit at the Island’s only maritime specific Careers Fair
  • Opportunity to host your own/sponsor Member events
  • Opportunity to be stand partners/co-exhibitors/sponsors at large maritime/superyacht global events i.e. Monaco Yacht Show, London International Shipping Week
  • Increased website and social media activity around IOMM and its objectives as well as its member firms (Member Spotlights), including focussed campaigns such as our Women in Maritime and Careers in Maritime initiatives.
  • Social media sharing to help raise your profile and awareness of your maritime proposition – includes PR support on our website and social.

How can those interested get involved with Isle of Man Maritime?

If you would like to know more about Isle of Man Maritime, any of our projects or how to become a member, you can visit our website www.maritime.im or contact info@maritime.im.

You recently provided the opportunity for several local young people to take part in the Merseyside Adventure and Sailing Trust’s 2022 Apprenticeship Cup. Tell us more.

We are trying to drive interest in maritime – it is not just about going to sea, it is also about the industry that it supports here on the Island.

The Tall Ship Experience initiative started last year when we placed five police cadets on a tall ship sailing experience in conjunction with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust – it was a huge success and enjoyed by all of the cadets that participated.

After last year’s success, the Executive Committee wanted to provide more Manx youth with the same opportunity and experience this year, and set themselves a goal to have a full ship of Manx cadets.

Thanks to the support of a number of sponsors (such as Sentient International), we managed to achieve this and had 10 fantastic Manx youth on-board.

Tell us more about your Careers in Maritime initiative: What is it, who is it aimed at and what do you hope to achieve by it?

The maritime sector runs deep in the Isle of Man; you are never too far from a company that is involved in some way or another with the sector.

We want to make people aware of all of the opportunities available in the sector, be it going to sea or working ashore.
From working at sea or in a port, to working in the City of Douglas, to cleaning the oceans of plastics or designing a superyacht, Maritime is big business. We add more to the economy than both rail and aviation combined in the UK.

Furthermore, from my experience and that of others I know, working in maritime is exciting, rewarding and is certainly unlike any other industry.

With the sector expected to double in size to $3trn by 2030, we need the next generation of innovators and problem solvers to join the industry and help shape the future of the world we live in.

Isle of Man Maritime are exhibiting at one of the world’s most prestigious yacht shows. Tell us more about your participation at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

Monaco is the crown jewel of the yacht sector, and we are proud to have a stand each year.

It is great to have the support of a number of our members who will also be representing Isle of Man Maritime to show everyone why the Isle of Man truly is a centre of maritime excellence.

As we all reconnect after the pandemic, it is important we demonstrate that the Isle of Man is very much open for business to the yacht sector and the wider maritime industry.

What other events will Isle of Man Maritime be attending over the next 18 months?

We continue to host a number of member events but we are also gearing up for the next London International Shipping Week (‘LISW’), which is taking place in September next year.

We have become renowned for our showcase events at LISW over the years, and it is safe to say that we will be continuing with our ‘Dare to be Different’ approach for 2023, so stay tuned.

In addition to LISW, we will be hosting and attending various other events over the next months – keep an eye on our events page on our website for more information.

What are you plans and objectives for 2023?

We certainly hope to grow the Tall Ship Experience initiative so that more Manx youth can have the opportunity to get involved.

The Merchant Navy Association is also a very exciting project that will bring seafarers both serving and veterans together. This, coupled with our Cadet Programme brings a mentorship aspect to the cadetship.

We will also be continuing our work with government agencies to support the fishing industry, getting into the schools to educate and inform more people about careers in maritime and have a few other little projects up our sleeve that we look forward to sharing with you in the near future.

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