Quaynote Communications have partnered with InterFlight Global Corporation, international aviation consultants to re-launch the Mediterranean Business Aviation Conference.

Samantha Snow, Head of Group Business Development and Managing Director of Sentient in Malta, will represent Sentient at this year’s conference. With a long history and experience of working in the aviation, yachting and financial services industry, Sam will be available to discuss any specific requirements you have and/or provide you with more information on Sentient’s aviation services.

This year’s event will be chaired once again by Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX, and co-chaired by Oscar Garcia of InterFlight Global, and will look at the rise of the super-wealthy and the impact that this has had upon the business jets industry and the leisure and tourism industries.

Fuelled by HNWIs from China, India and Russia, this high-end business and tourism travel has been responsible for the growth in business jet activity in many regions.

With an emphasis on attracting more operators to MBAC, the event has invited both Maltese-based and international operators, to join the conference as speakers and as VIP delegates. As the requirement for operators to have a representative in Malta becomes more critical post-Brexit, we will also be addressing the impact of the UK’s departure from the EU on the business aviation industry.

As an essential networking event for operators, OEM’s, MROs, lawyers, corporate service providers, brokers, managers, FBOs, registries, tax advisors and associations, MBAC will pick up the narrative from Opportunities in Business Jets, and continue to provide a must-attend annual event for senior thought-leaders in the business jet industry.

To arrange a meeting at this year’s conference or perhaps outside of the event during your visit to Malta, please contact info@sentientinternational.com.

For more information on the event itself or to register your place please click here.

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