“Like many others, the last year has seen our business undergo somewhat of a transition; one that has taught us to be resilient, patient and more significantly, highlighted the importance of pulling together as a team.

We have had to adapt the way in which we operate, in order to continue servicing our clients whilst maintaining the quality service that they know and expect.
Fortunately, despite the challenges, we have been very successful in doing so, not because of the processes or infrastructures that we have in place, but because of the committed and dedicated staff that we have at the helm of our business – and I am proud to have every single one of them as a member of our team!

Our People are Our Business.

Our employees are the cognitive wheels of our business and our biggest brand ambassadors. Without them, we would not be who or where we are.

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool and fundamental in creating a positive and happy work culture among employees. Feeling appreciated, whether as an individual or as a group, can without doubt have a big impact on employee happiness in the workplace and the more engaged they are, the more likely they are to succeed in reaching their full potential – something we want for them as much as they do themselves.

Whilst showing your appreciation to your employees should not be contained to just one day a year, today is National Employee Appreciation Day.

So, to all of you, to #TeamSentient, I want to publicly thank you for your continued loyalty, hard work and dedication. Continue to be innovative, ambitious and creative. Strive for success.

Be proud of where you are and what you have achieved, because our success is your success.”

– Paul Murtagh, Group Managing Director

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