Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling across the nation.

As a business we recycle – glass, tins, cans, milk cartons etc. – but like most, we could still be doing more.

To support Recycle Week, we spoke with Clara Isaac Director and Collector at, a kerbside recycling service in the Isle of Man, which she set up in 2021. We wanted to find out more about her organisation and their contribution to the Island, how it works and how we can recycle more of the right things, more often.

Let’s Get Real about Recycling!

Tell us about your organisation. How was born?

Recyclecollect is a kerbside recycling service that was born in April 2021, with first collections starting in September 2021. My husband and I moved out of Douglas to a place where we did not receive a kerbside recycling collection. So I was collecting our recycling and taking it to our local amenity site or bring bank. We both are pretty busy people, so I found myself storing the recycling in my car until I could take no more. Sometimes I would get to the drop off points and they would be full, so I went home one day and said to my husband that we must do something to make recycling easier and convenient for all people on the Isle of Man, e.g. people with disabilities, people who can’t drive, elderly people, busy families and workers. So we decided to use our skills and expertise to put a modern twist on recycling collections, and there recyclecollect was born.

How does it work?

Users can register their interest and activate their subscription on our website at Here they use their online user dashboard to select how many boxes they want, they can view their collection days and notes, change their card details, view their invoices, or even change their address. Our team will drop off boxes on the next collection round in their area, and then people can start recycling! All information about the collections is emailed upon delivery of the boxes, but this can also be found on our website. Collections are fortnightly and we encourage our customers to get in touch through social media messenger, email, whatsapp or phone with any questions or queries they have. Our wonderful collectors are always willing to help answer any questions whilst collecting.

How does your organisation differ from any of the Government schemes?

I am probably a little bit bias, but Recyclecollect really is a kerbside recycling service like no other. Our online management system and user interface automates administration and provides a platform for user feedback, interaction and education. The success of this has been outstanding. We do all our collections from internally modified EcoBlue transit vans which enable us to move quickly into even lower emitting vehicles, with the aim of moving hybrid in 2023 and electric in the near future.

Who are the typical users of

We have such a diverse range of users at recyclecollect! We have over 700 amazing users, all of which are people who support that recycling should be the norm in our household.

Can anyone get involved and if so, how?

We are collecting from most areas across the island, with the exception of Douglas and Braddan who already have their long-established recycling scheme. To register all you need to do is head over to our website, select ‘register now’ and enter a few quick details. You will then receive an email inviting you to create your subscription.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

It has to be the recently announced relationships with Santon, Arbory and Rushen Commissioners to provide a discounted service in these areas. It is a huge step forward and commitment to encouraging the increase in recycling. Something I would really love to see other Parishes do.

What is the best thing about being involved with

Feeling like we are really making a difference and driving change. Meeting people at the doorstep has really opened my eyes. Before recyclecollect some of these people physically could not take part in recycling due to age, disability or inability to drive. It gives them the opportunity to take part. I also love seeing our younger generation take part. When we go into schools and the children tell me they use recyclecollect boxes at home I couldn’t be any prouder!

What are your plans for the future?

My plan for recyclecollect for the future is to continue to grow with more vehicles and more staff to be able to provide a kerbside recycling collection to as many people as possible. I would really love to see recycling done in every household and it become the norm for our future generation. The Isle of Man has an opportunity to lead the way in this area, and I would love to help make that happen.

How can others support How can others support

We are incredibly grateful for our amazing partners and sponsors, all mentioned on our website and socials, who have helped us get to where we are today. Their sponsorship has supported us through this rapid growth stage and we honestly wouldn’t be here without them. We are always looking for more sponsors to join our efforts and demonstrate the need for this fundamental and basic practice of sustainability. I would also really encourage people to get signed up and get recycling, to demonstrate the real demand and need for this. Working together to make the Isle of Man and even better place.

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