Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on company culture and loyalty, resulting in the role of human resources management and the types of benefits a company offers, becoming increasingly more important to a business’ future.

However, being competitive in these areas is not always easy for a business to achieve. Many smaller organisations do not often have the budgets to support the necessary personnel and sometimes HR issues can be so thorny that it takes experts to navigate them successfully.

In many cases, even if a business is able to staff a HR department, it is not always the best allocation of resources. However, if money can be saved by using some form of outsourced HR function, more funds will be available to invest in core business activities; in areas that will, in the long run, fuel the a business’ success.

Before outsourcing your HR function, as a business you need to balance what is affordable versus what your business needs to provide in order to achieve its desired position within your industry. A start-up is likely to have very different needs and use very different tools to attract its talent than that of a longer established business looking to climb up the next level of its growth curve.

A solution for many businesses is to outsource its HR and Payroll function to an expert third party service provider like Sentient Pay.
At Sentient Pay, we offer a strategic partnership, which provides our clients with more flexibility and tailored solutions to meet their ever-changing operational needs. Outsourcing your employment and payroll function can provide a number of benefits:

  • reducing errors by removing the manual handling of data;
  • reducing risk, particularly in respect of security and confidentiality issues;
  • reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing you to refocus on strategic planning initiatives, and;
  • increasing employee satisfaction through more timely and accurate responses to HR issues & queries.

We have many clients with differing requirements, from local businesses who prefer to have an expert manage their day-to-day HR and payroll, to international employers who have staff scattered across the globe making it difficult to stay up to date with various reporting requirements and numerous tax and social security obligations.

When you outsource to Sentient Pay we do all the complicated work for you. How great would it be to be able to tell your Senior Management team that you cannot only run your employees payroll quickly and compliantly, but you can also give them all of the costs and timelines upfront?

Along with more traditional payroll offerings, we also offer an outsourced Employer of Record solution, which many of our clients have found to be very useful, when:

  • trying to reduce the burden of having to manage different service providers: Immigration, Employment, Payroll & Tax;
  • taking over existing employees from a merger or acquisition; and/or,
  • converting existing contractors into employees.

We provide our clients with one central point of contact for their HR and payroll matters, giving them the freedom to apply their focus on the things that matter.

Take a look at the amount of time you would no longer need to spend on payroll, let alone the reduction in internal resources required, who can instead focus on other tasks:

Sentient PayYour Business
Select the employee and agree basic terms for their assignment (role, duration, salary)X
Draft an employment contract that’s compliant with local regulations and supports your desired terms and conditionsX
Have your employees registered for payroll in the host countryX
Ensure compliance with all host country regulations including employment, tax and payrollX
Run monthly payroll administration, prepare payslips and deliver them to your employeesX
Spend just 15 minutes each month consulting with your dedicated account manager to go over your employees’ payslipsXX
Address any questions related to employment, payroll and tax that you or your employees may haveX
Stay up-to-date on changes in host country legislationX
Provide advice on performance management and help you terminate any employment easily should the need ariseX

The complex and varied responsibilities associated with HR and payroll administration makes outsourcing an attractive and cost-effective alternative to having your own HR and payroll departments.

With a dedicated team at the core of our business, we look to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and understand the value of time.

With a strong focus on clear communication, you can rest assured that your business’ HR and payroll matters are managed in an efficient and professional manner, whilst remaining compliant in respect of all applicable legislation, rules and obligations.

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