The use of a corporate vehicle in the establishment and structuring of a financial transaction is common place. Whether this is for the purpose of providing privacy, philanthropy, succession planning, wealth preservation, holding investments or even for the purpose of trading, our highly experienced staff can assist with corporate structuring and provide guidance on choosing the right jurisdiction for a particular transaction.

We work with clients to provide them with a holistic view of their needs. This together with the relationships we have formed internationally with intermediaries and tax advisors, means that we are able to stay at the forefront of any new developments.

We understand that implementation is key to the success of any form of tax planning and to this end we work closely with the professionals to provide a structure that is fit for purpose and yields success.
We also ensure that our staff dedicate their time to the things that matter; maintaining files, recording transactions correctly and providing timely and accurate information to our clients and their advisors.

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