Technological innovation in the FinTech industry is constantly growing and with an ever increasing pace of change, the need for businesses to be able to turn to experts with the right knowledge and understanding of the multitude of regulatory regimes and jurisdictional practises, is becoming an absolute necessity.

Our team works with you to ensure that, whether you are starting a new business or developing a pre-existing entity in the Fintech arena, you are meeting all your legal obligations whilst benefitting from and optimising relevant corporate structuring, tax and IP opportunities.

Discerning entrepreneurs have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to deciding which jurisdiction is right for establishing their Blockchain or Fintech start-up. But what do you need to consider and where do you start?

You may be seeking an ideal jurisdiction to place your Intellectual Property (IP) , this could be in an offshore jurisdiction as new regulations continue to be introduced in onshore localities. However, this is not the only element which needs to be looked at and there are a number of questions to take into consideration: What about growth and development of your business as well as the industry as a whole? You need to be in a location which will let your business grow and move into new areas without being restrictive or uncompetitive. Is the jurisdictions under consideration politically stable, able to trade easily with other countries? What is the cost of establishing and maintaining a business in that jurisdiction? What about regulatory requirements and licensing? Is it better to establish your business in a jurisdiction which has existing regulation and licensing in place as it gives your business and your customers greater protection against money laundering, cyber security and other fraud risks?

When it comes to incorporating and establishing your business our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you. We understand that when it comes to selecting the right location to use and the right vehicle to establish for your blockchain business, it is as much about the network of businesses you can partner with as it is the actual location. With offices in Malta, the Isle of Man and Hong Kong, Sentient has offices in a number of leading jurisdictions, each able to help you get your new business underway.


Company formation and management

Statutory services

Provision of officers and registered office/agent

VAT registration, administration and compliance

Tax compliance

Bookkeeping and accounting

Corporate bank accounts and online e-Banking

Project management

Co-ordination of legal, tax and VAT advisory services

Facilitation of finance and insurance

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