Yacht Carbon Offset is a key player in the carbon offset market, with a unique focus on the superyacht industry.

Its core documented service calculates the greenhouse gas emissions from a specified quantity and type of fuel consumed by the vessel, which may be for a single delivery, for the requirement of a charter or for an entire season of yachting. The calculation can also be extended to cover crew and guest flights to and from the yacht, shore power, and the fuel consumed by the yacht’s tenders and associated helicopter or other aircraft.

The yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions are offset, tonne for tonne, with emission “savings” from “green energy power projects”, such as wind, solar, hydro or thermal power generation. Power projects of this nature displace fossil-fuel based power generation plants from the power grid, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The emission “savings” are equivalent to the quantity of CO2 that would have been generated if the same quantity of electricity had been generated by the fossil-fuel plant.

Green energy projects can also include tree plantation, or other social projects, but the CO2 benefit is not immediate, being achieved longer-term over a number of years. Yacht Carbon Offset is not an active supporter of these longer-term projects.

The emission savings are allocated to the carbon offset client in the form of carbon credits. Yacht Carbon Offset selects carbon credits based on a defined set of high-standard credentials. Our preference is for carbon credits that are relevant to the yachting community, for example in regions frequented by superyacht tourism or, less directly, in coastal. Yacht Carbon Offset can also source carbon credits specifically to meet a client’s requirements, for example in the home-country of the yacht owner or guests.

Regardless of location, the projects must be verified to a high standard (e.g. Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard, VCS) by internationally recognised auditors. Projects recently selected by Yacht Carbon Offset include a wind power plant on the east coast of Aruba and a solar power plant in Mauritius. See their website for a full list of projects.

Yacht Carbon Offset purchases and cancels the carbon credits from the carbon registry and allocates the carbon savings to our client.

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