Are you considering entering the aircraft ownership arena but unsure which jet is the right one for you?

Other than the cost of the aircraft itself, there are a number of other factors that require consideration when purchasing a private jet. Check out our latest infographic to find out more. ✈

How much do private jets really cost

Inheritance Tax – we’ve all heard of it but how much do you really know about it? Our latest infographic sheds some light on what inheritance tax is, effective inheritance tax planning strategies and that ‘golden rule’. 👈🏽

Asset Protection is an important step in the estate planning process. It is a set of techniques and strategies that are put in place with the aim to safeguard the high-value assets of individuals and their businesses; preserving them to ensure that they are passed on according to their wishes upon death.

Our latest infographic looks at types of assets, the key strategies used, considerations, evaluating risk and seven simple steps to implement.

At Sentient International we can establish and manage a variety of structures in a number of key global jurisdictions suitable for the purpose of asset planning and protection. Our in-depth knowledge and experience means that we are highly proficient in delivering effective solutions that are fit for purpose and protect what our clients care about, in the way that they desire.

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An infographic on asset protection, what it means and what is involved.

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.

This Movember, we want to introduce you to ALEC – a helpful yet simple and proven method through which you can reach out to a man that is going through a tough time…Everyone should know ALEC!

Kudos to R U OK? for developing this all important conversation model.

The ALEC model - a helpful yet simple and proven method through which you can reach out to a man that is going through a tough time

Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling across the nation.

As a business we recycle – glass, tins, cans, milk cartons etc. – but like most, we could still be doing more.

Our latest infographic provides an insight into the benefits and challenges that recycling presents. Do you recycle as much as you could be doing?

Let’s Get Real about Recycling!

An Infographic on Recycling for Recycle Week 2022

Succession planning is a process to help prepare your company for long-term success that can also ensure a smooth transition to new ownership and management, be that with current employees or external individuals. 🙌🏽

Our latest infographic highlights some succession planning dos and don’ts, the four main stages in the process and some simple steps to follow.

An infographic on Business Succession Planning

From its natural beauty, pleasant Mediterranean climate and prosperous economy – there are plenty of things to attract US expats to Malta. 🌞

Whether you are seeking a new job opportunity, a second family home or European retirement – Malta is the ideal location.

Check out what Malta has to offer those looking to make the transatlantic move from the US to the Med, in our infographic below.

Benefits of Relocating to Malta Infographic

Temporary Admission is a Customs tax relief regime that enables non-EU resident owners of private yachts, the ability to bring their yachts into Europe for a limited time without having to pay VAT on the value of the yacht.

It is undeniably an important mechanism, without which many non EU resident yacht owners would likely avoid visiting European waters due to the prohibitive cost of paying VAT on arrival that would ordinarily be applicable.

But what is Temporary Admission and how does it work? Check out our latest infographic to find out more.

EU Temporary Admission Regime
An infographic providing an overview of the EU Temporary Admission Regime, the opportunities it offers and the eligibility criteria.

When you consider Malta’s location in the centre of the Mediterranean, its colourful maritime history comes as no surprise. The Maltese archipelago lies between North Africa and Sicily making it a perfect and charming cruising ground for yachts. 🌞

Our infographic looks at some of the reasons Malta is a jurisdiction of choice within the wider yachting industry.

Yachting in Malta infographic

The Isle of Man is a well-established jurisdiction with a strong reputation for being a maritime centre of excellence.

Historically, people look for a jurisdiction that is simply tried and tested, but today people find it increasingly important to flag their vessel in a jurisdiction that is strong in reputation, compliance and transparency, and not in one considered to have a flag of convenience

Our latest infographic provides the top ’10 Reasons to Flag your Vessel in the Isle of Man’ including why the Isle of Man Red Ensign is an internationally respected flag of choice.

Infographic - 10 Reasons to flag your vessel in the Isle of Man
An infographic highlighting 10 benefits to registering your vessel with the Isle of Man flag.

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