When it comes to property ownership, there are a variety of structures that can be used to purchase, own and protect your asset. 🏡

Our latest infographic ‘Structuring Property Ownership’ looks at the structuring options available and the benefits to using them.

We can assist with the establishment and ongoing management of such property structures to ensure your asset is owned, managed and protected effectively. Contact us on +44 1624 616544 or email infor@sentientinternational.com to discuss your property structuring requirements further.

Customer service is a fundamental component of any business, but is often overlooked by those that view it as an expense rather than an opportunity.

Did you know that ‘73% of customers say that they stay loyal to brands because of friendly customer service agents.’ (HubSpot, 2021)

Our latest infographic explores the importance of good customer service in growing a business.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

Whilst an aircraft doesn’t have to be based in its country of registration, it will be monitored and regulated there.

With the ability to register your aircraft in just one jurisdiction, how do owners ensure that they choose the right one.

From comfort to convenience, there are many benefits that come with having your own private jet. But what are the key things to consider before making that all important purchase?

In our latest infographic, we share our Top 10 Tips When Buying a Private Jet.

Top 10 Tips When Buying a Private Jet

Malta is a business-ready European location, which is home to a competitive tax regime and a free-market economy.

Whilst setting up a company may seem overwhelming, it can be a relatively straightforward process if you are prepared for the necessary steps and requirements involved.

Our latest infographic shares an overview of the statutory requirements of a Public and Private Limited Liability Company in Malta.

An infographic on the statutory requirements of a Malta Company

Malta might be the smallest EU Member State by both land area and population but the cultural aspects, facts and historical landmarks are endless for this little gem in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Did you know a village was purposely built in Malta specifically for the musical production of ‘Popeye’?!

Check out our latest infographic below to find out more interesting facts about Malta.

There are many things to consider when it comes to putting down permanent roots.

Whether it’s Malta’s strategic location, Mediterranean climate, strong robust legal framework or corporate-friendly environment – it really is an island of opportunity when it comes to all things business.

Check out our latest infographic ‘Why Make Malta Your Business Address?’ to find out what Malta has to offer those looking to relocate or start up a business in a safe and secure environment.

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is the perfect place for all things yachting.

Over the years, Malta has built up a sterling reputation as one of the world’s leading maritime jurisdictions and subsequently has become the largest registry in Europe.

Our infographic looks at some of the benefits Malta has to offer those who register their vessel there.

The Isle of Man is a great jurisdiction to do business where you can set up various structures to suit a variety of situations.

The 2006 Act Company is one of the more widely recognised International Business Company models because of its modern approach. Whereas, the 1931 Act Company although having some limiting attributes still remains a viable tool in today’s markets. It depends entirely on what best suits your particular business requirements.

Our latest infographic shares a clear overview of the requirements and differences you can expect from a 1931 and 2006 Act companies.

The Isle of Man offers a safe, secure home for both your business and your family, where you can enjoy a better work-life balance and laid-back island living. – where better to relocate?

Check out our latest infographic, which looks at why the Isle of Man is also a great place to work and live.

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